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If wish I advise you come to the Valley of Ayora have four routes and five new routes are prepared to make the landscape as we have in this region of the interior of Valencia, is if in doubt an ideal place for those who like mountain walking.

It is not necessary to go any route hiking, if you feel like you can also go either way is south of town as you would like to go north in town is small and when the salts are in full harmony with nature, as you prefer see the shrine or the people you want to go next door because there are roads that lead us there.

Natural Landscapes

One of the ways of walking is to choose the destination, but always thinking of saving energy for the back, have a reference point for guidance to avoid getting lost, as board bring good footwear and appropriate for it in the bag bring water although on a much traveled find sources births and drink and provide for the return, make a stop and rest would be required just half way somewhere in the Valencia community we like to contemplate the landscape and recreate all have something though they be food to get energy snacks and rest, another tip is to keep moving if it were necessary since a simple sprain and would force us to use would be helpful.

So the newbie fans recommend a circular route so you do not have to spend four hours of travel and the most experienced or experts should choose long-distance paths and not more than six.

Routes through the villages of Valle

A good way to find out the possibilities of our mountains are the center for hikers and also access, shelters, camping sites, sources, also listed, very useful to prepare trips is essential to know where we are and what we have in that particular area of Valencia, so if we have an updated map and parking can be very helpful if needed, can happen to drop a water pump and not having enough time to return, "is one of the most usual that pass all the walkers".

The activity of more than walking the walk, since exercise is often linked to other activities. Walking down the mountain is in contact with nature and learn in depth the environment and to explore our mountains is very simple.

In the Sierra del Valle de Ayora is Caroig peak whose height is over 1100 meters from sea level on one hand can be seen throughout the Valley and on the other's capital and Valencia Rivera, no doubt the scenery is breathtaking viewed from that height.

One route we propose and that is not referred to anywhere and you should not miss because it is worthy to do it is that of Sebinar.

Valley Landscapes

The Sebinar is like entering a site that first enters the human being, with many trees and vegetation, you have to walk through wadis and dry for a while, in rainy years are great pools of water all year round and are therefore we will enjoy seeing and hearing the frogs singing, if we approach them we will see in many of the fish that is living, following the path you have to climb sometimes, not very difficult to access but with good shoes and no route to us resist to enjoy it.

You start to enjoy seeing the great walls that enclose the passage of the route, for as we approach we see that if there is a step, you can spend some times and others across the pond and "remember to bring swimwear 'and it is time putting it on if you keep walking, but you have to swim across a good stretch and go where the water falls, with slippery boulders, which you can return the hard way to give you another dip.

I'd rather not tell you more, it's better live to tell it.

Our region has excellent conditions for many interesting excursions to picturesque places.

For more information, I leave a phone to ask about trails through the Region are:

Environment Department

C / Arquitecto Alfaro, 39 Valencia Tel: 963 866 350

Valencia Hiking Centre

Plaza de la Valldigna Tavernes 4, Valencia 46 003 Tel: 963 923 147 963 911 643 and

Castellón Hiking Centre

C / Isabel Ferrer 60, 12 001 Castellón de la Plana Tel: 964 234 490

Hiking Centre Alicante

C / Olozaga 3 under, 03012 Alicante Tel: 965 253 653

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