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Gastronomy route in Valencia

Gastronomía inner valence indoors as tasty dishes and typical Ayora valley originating from the Mediterranean cuisine that gives its charm to your kitchen with a traditional flavor of this area is derived.

In the history of each place is a different way of cooking with traditional dishes, which may be the primary and fundamental, is what best describes these people and people as the Valenciana community. We refer to Mediterranean cuisine, how to eat and season each of your everyday home cooking.

The typical dishes in Valencia, our village is a long and narrow valley, caught between big mountains that once only opened its doors to noon at the crossroads where it came and went from Valencia to Murcia, Castile, the Mediterranean. In this step and still stands border, the Mugron of Mecca, the cradle of our history and also the birthplace and ancestral original food, sober and primitive as its people: The typical gazpacho.

"Iberian Gazpachos Mecca", has been called. In a modern world where you eat almost no time and people are given, disguised in a thousand ways "swindle", it is difficult to be accepted out of the blue a dish as simple and modest, food without any fancy stuff and other decorations. The gazpacho, neo start of displeasure, but once you eat them, everything changes instantly. What they invade as complete satisfaction after a good bowl of gazpacho de Ayora sprinkled with good wine! Then, whenever you return to town, the first thing they will do when visiting the restaurant, will ask gazpacho, provided gazpachos Mecca, even many visitors who shop at the furnaces the 'cake' inescapable basis for further essential condiment for the gazpacho lightweight development bases in the meantime, that have made our town a place of singular charm Gourmet.

Iberian Gazpachos

And with these dishes that always revolve around the flour, oil and water, then come and party and banquet the pig based on the other axis is the millennium of our food. Above all, the essential sausages: famous black pudding eaten either fresh or dried cane hanging on cambras, delicious sausages, tasty sluts and good sausages, (all pork). Although really his "killing" was only the annual feast where we would like "burruchos", then dismembered the animal properly and seasoned, are jealously guarded to go slowly pulling it in exceptional cases, such as threshing, mowing, and perhaps when a relative arrived at the fair. Then most of the year was Lent, "Mincho", "rebanás" of bread with oil or wine, garlic soup, boiled, 'beans bubbled "and the indispensable dish of olives. Those was the year from the “rare cakes” of May little oil and flour anything until the wretched and frugal "puñao" in winter, which entertained the laborers to make the olive harvest, in addition to four dried figs and a shot of "Gilo".

The typical dishes in Valencia

Our Mediterranean food has been historically the crust and tomato, oil and bread. Times chewing gum was the white juice of the reeds and roast Ardashir, having as delicacies gallatones and hawthorns, to rummage the olive taste with relish those chestnuts and acorns prietas "happening to the literature", they exclaim D . Quixote by eating the classic and beautiful speech to the goatherds "Happy the age, those happy ..." Fortunately, much has changed since then, especially now that people eat and enjoy eating all kinds of delicacies, but yes, no entry, we observed that outsiders who are preparing to eat for the first time, causes them to see them do - especially if it is in the field and typical fashion, as a sudden point of rejection by the crudeness and primitiveness they are made. The eyes of the guests eyes today are made for decoration and color, in their respective populations.

We, the native people, descendants of the inhabitants of Mecca, we still have basically the same scheme Gourmet. When those men who in prehistoric hunting scenes painted on small Tortosilla coats and Barranco del Sordo, and those others in the Cave of the Spider reflecting them unparalleled collection of a honeycomb climbing a rope ladder could not believe that even today the people of Ayora would still like their favorite dishes prepared with those hunting "as gazpacho" or the other of "lettuce with honey", as simple as exquisite.

Apart from the aforementioned foods might rhetorically qualify “anthology”, are many others of the same features as: porridge, gachamiga, mojete, ajetao, rice or wheat crude oil spike. Hence, a precarious food, in some cases almost Spartan, dense in its dishes, typical name these others, the "guarras" whose nickname astound visitors, not to mention the “Dog” than to offer to tourists are told if they want "with or without tongue ', so far all herding out of the butcher's, but then again, to give it a try.

Do not forget in this section the “tocino de vírica”, the "back of keel", the “tajás de magro”, baked rice "with nose, ear and tail" and a serial of leaving precious victuals “Chinese” (as we say here in the Valley of Ayora) without forgetting the traditional. This will combine modern sauces and canned foods with the purest essence atavistic.

The village of Ayora is still a reserve where the native cuisine remains still valid. For the gazpacho, is still in the classic country house beats tortera where biblical unleavened cake, the “amasáero” slab of fire which roasts and “baleo” with which you shake the ashes.

Gastronomy route in Valencia

Not to mention the baked rice with its nose and the hock, his homemade sausage with or without a good appetite, "it is better to break it on" for that so good that this one does not stop until they had enough to eat for that you only need to come to this area and try this delicious food so popular “ayorina” and every week we eat in any house.

It may seem a joke "and is" the man who painted Paleolithic deer in the Cave of the Old dream them out so much sick of eating 'gazpachos widowers. Moving from prehistory to the present, any visitor can now reach our people, enjoy all it offers the pantry “ayorina”, the delicious marzipan, first scoop on our cakes, "spirit rolls", "muffins", "almendraos”, “sighs”, "cakes of glory, "cake of cranes", and honey, which are the first producer in Spain. As for basic food, we first order the paella, in many of its variants, "Guisao", the aforementioned baked rice, rice and turnips, superb lamb meat, and lots of tasty dishes that will delight their palates.

Gastronomy route in Valencia

Valencia enjoying food!

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