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Mountain Bike Routes – Ayora

If you like to do mountain biking routes in the Valley of Ayora where we have many routes I will tell you about the four routes that are in Ayora and some others that are in the villages of the valley.

This turned out to be an initiative, named "Mountain Bike Centre Ayora", was launched about four years ago, thanks mainly driven by a group of amateur mountain bikes in our region linked to the world of cycling in and out all the holidays or bridges weekend to enjoy the trails and see the scenery so beautiful that exist in this region.

I will explain that the Centre is mountain biking, biking routes are laying can make those runs for the term of Ayora, all are them are marked with the route and they can enjoy to use and enjoy this sport as Montambay is natural in nature.

Mountain Bike Routes

Should follow the marked routes that we are where we are making from the beginning to the end of the trail run through all the paths on old roads that are crossed by canyons and even once actual paths through the mountains or hills this valley of Ayora.

The Mountain Bike Centre offers to all who like to make a sport of mountain biking the chance to meet these four mountains routes are: Route La Hunde, Montemayor Route, Route and Route Sierra de Ayora Village.

1 .- Montemayor's bike path, is located west of Ayora, so that through the olive groves of the village to go to the mountain, where he began the climb to the top, after being up about is a chapel and a large Esplanade to relax on the rise, it is wonderful to contemplate the view from that height, as we can see on one side from Castilla La Mancha and the other the Ayora valley and the mountains.

2 .- Bike path from the Hunde and Palomera, is also west of Ayora, Montemayor to the right of starting the race from the people themselves have to take the road of Ayora-Albacete, is landscape is a true nature and especially when we entered the park or reserve Hunde pine forest at about 10,000 hectares and a height of 1,260 meters from sea level is as high as Palomera, this route is of extraordinary ecological value and belonging to the Valenciana Community.

3 .- Bike path of the Sierra de Ayora, is located east of Ayora, walk is for those who are more prepared because it is the longest of all the routes as its name says is exactly that saw the roads are very well to use so you'll enter another nature reserve called “El Corralejo” where we can make a stop, then go through the whole route to visit the place as The Miller and The Pascuala all belonging to the park.

4 .- Village bike path, this route is referable to do it in the Houses of Madrona to avoid the way there by not driving on the highway, from Las Casas de Madrona is a road leading to San Benito and from the other village introduce them into houses, through the forest to live another adventure to those who enjoy nature.

Recorridos de bicicleta de Montaña

The marking of the routes for peace of mind of the rider, has been carried out as follows mountain routes: Palos wooden crosses many ways it does not get out, painting signs, arrow-shaped, with the color that identifies each route and each one has its own color in large rocks and trees, there are also information boards at points of departure and arrival.

We end this article with the words of writer D. Valencia José M. Lborra Almerich Ayora on our region "... route too regardless of destination, enjoy the outdoors, discover a land of La Mancha built in Valencia, walk through their villages immersed in the serenity of the story, or of course, enjoy the cuisine, is to enter a territory where the mountain bike becomes the ideal, clean, quiet and eco-travel in the most humane and respectful, natural areas of the Valle de Ayora-Cofrentes without alter ... "


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I hope someday that you like to do the cycling meet here, and that these routes cyclists desarrolléis we have in Ayora.

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