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Tours of the Town Castellar de Meca

This village is located in the heights of the Sierra Mugron. In the town of Ayora (Valencia province in Spain). The village is approximately 15 hectares. Where the eye can see its ancient walls that served as a defense to this population, but also by the characteristics of the land, these are also part of a natural fortress.

In has left traces of his past views on the remains as pottery remains, cisterns, carved on the stone stairs, unique ways of wheels, the latter being one of the pre-Roman legacy in regards to roads ..

Castellar de Meca

Camino Hondo:

The "Way Deep" is an impressive strategic access route used in ancient times, it has a slope of approximately 30% from its level, the last stretch of road, the rock has been excavated almost 5 meters and is width within the range of 1.90 - 2.15 meters. In addition to this extended way superior to the slope and for this we use a sharp turn into the heart of the city. All this means a whole is a work of pre-Roman engineering, unprecedented in this part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Tours of the Town Castellar de Meca

You can also see marks made on the ground, this happened as a result of transport and people, especially the wheels of the car in which they left their marks over 1,500 years. In the lateral grooves are seen in the stone that makes us think that was used to place some type of wooden gate to wheels stop on their way down the slope. Interestingly, the Iberian settlement was inhabited until the Middle Ages (estimated between centuries XIII-XIV).

Tours of the Town Meca

Also on top of the ground you can see some rooms designed in the rock, as well as ladders and especially deposits of the latter to more than a hundred, this is because just in this place was stored agricultural products, so to avoid shortages especially in times of crop failure or inclement weather in the area, this fact of course when there was surplus production. All this evidence seen in the city as a whole, explain why El Castellar de Meca in the past was an important economic center.

Meca Poblado Ibérico

Data that the visitor should know:

- The archaeological site is now privately owned, but you can go on visiting days.

- The tour has a maximum duration of three hours, where there is a parking lot made by the owners and from which you access the site on a road gradient of 170 meters.

- Some sections are risky, so it is recommended to be careful.

- Not suitable for senior citizens and children.

- The origin of the Iberian settlement, originates from the Bronze Age, but its maximum hegemony is located in the Iberian period, this from the V to the II century BC, into three great periods (Roman, Islamic and medieval).

- El Castellar de Meca, was Heritage Site on June 3, 1931.

- This town is at 1218 meters above the sea level (on its highest point).

- It has an area 800 meters long by 350 meters wide.


Very strategic accommodation is to have a hand near this tourist spot, so good access can be through the Rural Hotel Finca El Romeral, where it serves as a base to plan the visit, the service being recommended a guide.

Getting there:

Access from the motorway A31 Madrid / Alicante and exit the 136 to Alpera / Shrine of Bethlehem (CM3201).

After a walk of 9.5 km Alpera is reached, there will be a gas station where you turn right towards Ayora. After 1.5 km long you will see a sign indicating the location of the Iberian settlement. Finally, after 4,4 km of road marked by land to the parking lot where you can leave the car (this clear in the days of visit).

For more details visit


- Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Admission is free.

- On Thursday you can go to visit, but the owners request by calling 646163391, mail contact is


El Castellar de Meca in the past was an important economic center, which has left only its printed on the stone structure, like a faithful testimony of his past. In the place scientific excavations were made in this ancient city, which found the evidence shows us that this was without doubt one of the main Iberian cities. His "barn" carved in stone reminds us of the Inca Collca, which were also built to store food. All these details must be taken into consideration and is of relevance in terms of organization and technique used to predict the supply of its own population.

El Castellar de Meca, was also a warrior people of doctrine but in turn with broad knowledge of agriculture. As for the structure of the city, I could see the maze carved in the streets in addition to the wells made in rock, having only access to the city on a path that began at the foot of the hill and climb gradually to the upper part of the city and ending in the heart of the city. Another highlight is found in the Cueva del Rey Moro, which is located underneath the city of Mecca, which goes back a long history.

The Village Castellar de Meca is a route that presents its extraordinary beauty and cultural legacy that visitors should not miss to see especially if you are in the province of Valencia, in the rural tour route through this part Spain.

Good luck on your trip to Castellar de Meca Village!

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