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What is Paintball?

Paintball is a sport in which participants use markers powered by compressed air or Co2 to shoot small paint balls to other players. It is essentially a complex strategy game in which players hit by paintballs during the game are eliminated from this sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, depending on the mode. Contrary to popular belief, if practiced meet their standards and using the necessary equipment, is one of the outdoor sports safer.

Usually in a game of paintball equipment is the face (two) in order to eliminate all opposing players of the United Nations to achieve the goal (capturing a flag to delete a specific player). The paintball game set in the professional game, the regular usually takes five minutes to half an hour or perhaps more to an hour can last as develop the game and the number of players involved.

The number of paint balls in a game varies depending on the type of game, one player to another, a few hundred shots for each one, some are able juagadores a shot fired during the game to run out balls and all have the same balls to play paintball. Paintball has attracted a multitude of permanent casual gamers since its inception during many weeks of the year.

Paintball: You can play indoors or outdoors and take various forms (the atmosphere of the rooms), some of the most popular tournaments are woodsball and speedball. Standards vary greatly from one form to another, while most are designed for participants to enjoy a safe environment.

It offers the following games for maximum enjoyment at any paintball field. So if you do it for playing in this type of JuegoVentura'll can play differently.

Types of Games:

Flag Central.

You should steal the opponent's flag and bring it to a base before they steal yours. But beware, they also have the same mission.

The Captain.

Each team chooses a captain who has to defend his team's attack, the opposing team. If the captain drops the game ends with the loss of his team for what the anti-won.

The Annihilator.

This is the only game in which there is eliminated. During the game you have to do is make more paint than you can your opponent.


He is a player you have when away from the rest, is it to escape to avoid being cornered. If this game is a way of limiting the numbers of the ball from opponents, then eliminate any of them as run out of ammunition (paintballs) and may not continue in the game.

! Only for winners done!.

Ambush, challenges and many more .......

Security Regulations:

Paintball Ayora

Like many sports, participation in the game of paintball requires observance of proper safety standards. When this happens, the paintball is extremely safe, with a rate of only 0.2 injuries per 1,000 games in the game. The likelihood of being injured in other sports has room mayor, for example, about 12 times higher risk for football and seven times higher for cycling. It is also said that paintball is safer than golf or bowling in terms of player injuries. So you can enjoy without any problem and without risks as well as other sports, Dare to try it and you combenceras that it is a safe game and enjoy it.

1. It is mandatory to use a protective mask in the game. Once removed it going until the player leaves the safety zone can not be removed.

2. In the excess of the limits! The player must not shoot in the security zone.

3. Guns out of the playing area should always be unloaded, Point to ground until this downloaded and make sure the gun.

4. May not be the use and take less extraneous material during paintball games.

5. If the target location is less than 8 meters to shoot the contrary, warning the opponent player is eliminated. Players who do not respect the rules for any reason responsible for causing damage is plowed.

6. Under no circumstances allow personal assaults.

7. It is absolutely forbidden to frighten or shoot at people who have nothing to do with the game, as well as animals from the environment.

8. Event organizers are not liable for injuries caused by the violation of these rules as is the land or field, animals, travel each way, the effects of weather or climate.

9. You must always abide by all the comments and decisions by the Monitor that controls the game of paintball.

Where to play paintball?

If playing in a field made with safety nets and so that they can not let any ball go outside the playing area. The ground where play has barriers to protect the firing of the enemy. The playing field is where you have to assume the role and get the get the best experience. Paintball is one of the best ways to spend some time outdoors as a way to work, also to discover your skills as a strategist, and download about all a good dose of adrenaline.

Paintball Ayora

Tactics and strategies:

Like many other sports, paintball requires teamwork until the inclusiveness of the players individually. A well organized team working together to defeat the other players that are in disorder is essential, even if its members are better qualified or better equipped. Communication is key to defeating rival teams.

Game price is 20 euros per person, this includes all personal protection, one hundred paintballs, compressed air and water without limits.

The additional recharge of 100 balls will cost 5 euros.

The price includes all equipment, such as:

Protective mask


Protective vest front and back


Working clothes



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