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The Don Juan Cave in Jalance – Valencia

I will tell my visit to the "cave Don Juan" as it is in the Valle de Ayora Jalance whose people are very close to where our house Villa de Ayora approximately eighteen miles. At last we began the journey and the scenery is awesome, such an environment surrounded by nature extremely valuable where it is located has very good access. Their isolation makes this lovely cave "Don Juan" retains its original architecture.

As we walked toward the inside we realized that it was a huge cave so it was worth visiting and what we can contemplate in her that you love, that grabs you and leaves you with a good taste of your visit, have a variety of stalagmites and estactitas to contemplate, it will make your visit short and you may have the need to return the visit this beautiful and wonderful cave always remembered.

It is regarded as a specially protected natural area the cave Don Juan for its extreme fragility and they are part of the famous names that have the Wishing Lake, Chasm of Hell, the Devil's Grotto, Mirador del Bacalao Peacock's Tail, etc. (Such as have been baptized) are some of the wonders that we see.

Cueva Don Juan

The cave Don Juan With about 400 meters long and has two distinct sections: a dry and fossil, the other rapidly growing moist nature which manifests itself strongly. Also you can see different shades in the rocks due to the various materials which are filtered from the outside, is one of the most important geological wonders of Valencia.

Access: It has a good track, platforms, stairs and railings and installing an electric lighting adecuadísima are many people that move to Jalance to know the only cave in the province of Valencia.

Getting there: take the N-330, enter the same village and within the Jalance out a road well signposted on the right indications, in which we must take to get there by following all the signs that we are finding because it located about seven miles west of the town, until you reach the car park of the cave, you can reach it with any type of vehicle, even if for a large group of people in the bus where the council to provide them notice a guide .

Along the way we have some "viewpoints" on what we can stop to contemplate and recreation, or if you want lunch or tea as the morning or afternoon, this viewpoint we can see Júcar river canyon has formed over the years, on the other side there is another viewpoint which is observed throughout the Valley of Ayora is also worth a visit.

Opening: From April 1 until October 15, open daily, the rest of the year on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and long weekends.

Hours: Visits to the cave is from 10.00 hours until 14.00. The last visit took place at 13.30 hours.


Jalance Tourist Info.

C / Tanger, 2

Phone: 0034-961897171

Jalance City Council.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 10

Phone: 96 219 60 11

A great opportunity to visit the cave Don Juan, I hope you like it, come to know the rural tourism inside the Valencian Comunity

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